Our services are centred around customer needs. For our commercial customers, we specialise in industrial refrigeration and hospitality refrigeration. We offer cool room services and sales, and also all of the following services:

  • Sales
  • Consultations
  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Help and advice



At Lloyd’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning we specialise in providing quality services to our commercial customers. In more than 10 years working in the industry, we’ve developed extensive experience in:

  • Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration
  • Subcritical Refrigeration
  • Pubs, Clubs & Beer Systems
  • Milk Vat Refrigeration
  • Transport Refrigeration

If you’re in the commercial sector, especially the hospitality industry, we can provide sales, repairs and servicing for all of your fridge and freezer equipment. We also offer air conditioning installation, repair and servicing for all makes and models. For all commercial refrigeration and air conditioning needs, we’ve got you covered.



Evaporative cooling systems are a cost-effective way of cooling your home in the warmer months. They use much less power than normal systems, making them a cheaper, yet effective option for your home.

 Evaporative coolers cool your home by evaporating water. Warm air from outside is collected in a rooftop unit. The air is then cooled and sent directly through the home through a series of ducts.

Give us a call today. We are happy to chat with you about the benefits of installing an Evaporative Cooler in your home, the process of installation or to simply answer any questions you may have. Our team will handle all your installations, questions and queries professionally and on time.



Here at Lloyd Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we provide a full range of air conditioning services for commercial and industrial customers as well as domestic air conditioning. Our expertise lies in split system air conditioning, and we can handle all aspects of this from installation through to repair and servicing.

Air conditioning systems require regular servicing to maintain their effectiveness. That’s why we’re available to conduct regular services on your air conditioning and keep it in the best working order. For professional, reliable Albury/Wodonga heating and cooling services, you can trust our team at Lloyd’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to keep your homes and businesses comfortable all year round.